BE.THE.GOAT. This is more than a saying and a logo - it is an attitude to be the best that you can be at whatever it is that you do. Right now the G.O.A.T.S are those serving the front lines, the first responders, the military building hospitals, factory workers putting in extra hours to get equipment to those who need it the most, the medical workers in and out of the hospitals risking their lives to save others, the countless people working to keep shelves stocked, those who deliver the goods to the stores, the family members and friends helping those in need, the people who go by a nursing home and honk or hold up a sign wishing someone a happy birthday. Being a G.O.A.T. doesn't mean being the best of all time - it means being the best when the moment calls for it. We all can find a way to be that G.O.A.T. It is an attitude, a want, a desire, and a challenge that we must face head on. To each and everyone one of you, THANK YOU for accepting the challenge - you are the heroes and truly will go down as the Greatest Of All Time when this is all said and done.

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